Migrating from the iPhone

This tutorial will show how you can easily copy your files from Picture / Video Safe iPhone to the new iPad Version using USB transfer.

Setting up Video Stream

This tutorial will show how you can setup the Video Stream function which will let you stream, convert, and download videos to your device.


VideoSafe comes with the exclusive service RemoteSafe free of charge.

RemoteSafe allows you to remotely reset your password via email.

RemoteSafe is the only method of PIN recovery so we stress that it must be setup before the event where you lose your PIN.

RemoteSafe can be setup when you first install the app or anytime from settings.

Once a PIN has been entered incorrectly 3 times you will receive an email allowing you to reset the PIN code

Snoop Stopper is an original (and now much copied :) security feature of Video Safe.

When turned on via settings it provides access to a 'dummy' version of the app containing non private images.

The purpose is to serve as a decoy for overly curious people intent on finding out what you have stored in Video Safe.

The VideoStream server is available for Mac & Windows free of charge from http://collect3.com.au/videostream-server

Yes, Video Safe supports storing both your pictures and videos in iCloud.

Video Safe also supports syncing all your accounts and settings via iCloud

Video Safe supports the following video formats

mp4 mov m4v avi divx xvid wmv rm flv 3gp asf ogg

Version History

Version 1.0 01-Mar-2012
First Store Version